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Final Times at Milo’s 2

Final Times at Milo's 2

Final Times at Milo’s 2 is a free download fan-made game of the horror Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is the second chapter after Final Times at Milo’s. In which, there was a thief breaking into the pizza restaurant and he robbed all of the animatronic mascots 7 days before the nightguard’s first night. Right after that, the robber left with everything in a huge bag. Meanwhile, he did not find that there was a mysterious one named SHADOW MILO that with no choice, gave life to the robots and they murdered him. Many days later, he entirely disappeared. For that scary reason, the boss of the location in Final Times at Milo’s 2 Gamejolt determined to close the pizzeria forever and hired a worker to watch over it within 5 normal nights and 2 event nights. Attempt to pay attention to every wandering creature and prevent them from getting close to your office! Otherwise, they will kill you in the same way they did with the cracksman. Good luck!

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