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Five Nights in Anime 2 (FNaF fangame)

Five Nights in Anime 2 (FNaF fangame)

Five Nights in Anime 2 (FNaF fangame) must be an exciting Fnaf Fangame that you will never want to skip. So, quickly download it now for free for a new adventure with brand new awesome characters. In this fan game, the girls are all back, featuring the fated Balloon Babe (Balloon Boy) as well as the appearance of The Puppet. You will be dropped into Freddy’s Anime Convention where you will work as a night guard whose mission is to keep all the things here under control. You probably have just heard about the old location, however, you should forget it and stay focused on the current one. The anime girls will start roaming through the building, they want your life and will jumpscare you if you let them in. Therefore, you must use the cameras to track their movement, make sure they cannot enter your place, use other items to overcome the dangers as well as try to stay alive until the end!

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Five Nights in Anime 2 – Full Game

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