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FNaF World Full Version

FNaF World is a hilarious RPG adventure game created by Scott Cawthon. The game is just a spinoff and it’s an amazing game giving new challenges, features, and missions to you. Also, this is a good chance for you meet all animatronics coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s games if you are a big fan of them. FNaF World was released on January 21st, 2016, but with a bunch of bugs and incomplete gameplay. After that, the game was re-launched and updated on February 8th, 2016 on Game Jolt as a free app. If you are looking for something crazy, fun, and enjoyable, then this game is the right choice for you. So come check it out and play the game for fun!

Fnaf World Full Version

About FNaF World

FNaF World is an official spinoff in Five Nights at Freddy’s series. It was created after the success that Scot gained from releasing four previous FNaF games. So, FNaF World could be viewed as a nice present that the creator wanted to gift his fans and loyal players. The game opens a brand new world of animatronics for all players to explore. Once joining, you will have a chance to play with various animatronics as well as make your own party by choosing your favorite ones. All creatures in the game are living in a village, but then the battle between them begins! You group the chosen animatronics together and head out for the fierce battles against the robotic creatures. All of your characters are equipped with special skills and attacks, so you have to select them wisely and use their abilities to defeat the enemies and win the battle. You have to conquer the enemies and win a lot of fights to earn more tokens. Your animatronics will help you in vanquishing the foes, so make sure you team up with them all the time. When your game is advanced, you can get a chance to unlock more characters and check out more interesting features. FNaF World also consists of mysteries and secrets, you should try to unravel all of them as well as make an effort to access new areas.

Download FNaF World

As previously mentioned, FNaF World was released on Game Jolt as a freeware, so it’s kind of easy for you to join the game. You can follow the links below to download FNaF World for free now:

FNaF World Full Version

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Also, you can check out the second update of the game for further features:

FNaF World Full Version Updated 2

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If you want to play FNaF demo before owning the official full version, you can totally check it out by downloading the demo version!

FNaF World Demo

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