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The Testing Pizzeria

The Testing Pizzeria

The Testing Pizzeria is a horror game which is inspired by Fnaf series by Scott Cawthon. It is currently available for all to download and experience deadly jumpscares from your foes, aggressive animatronic characters. You will be trapped after you accept to work as a night security guard at a vintage restaurant in the local. It is known as a creepy building right after the door is shut down. Remember that you cannot leave the office to free roam like your enemies, crazy robots!

Play The Testing Pizzeria the new Fnaf Download you must settle down and take a seat to start your part-time job, lasting from 12 AM to 6 AM for many days. Around the room in The Testing Pizzeria, you can find a few tools to increase the defending ability. Just choose and activate them in the right way. They are useful to prevent wicked wandering creatures from capturing you. Each device that you turn on can consume power a lot. Note that it is a Windows title. It will not support the mobile or a Mac port. Good luck!

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