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Five Nights at Freddy fans


Five Nights at Freddy fans is also a fan creation inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s game by Scott Cawthon. Feel free to play it on FNAF-World and take this chance to prove your survivability. You have to get yourself ready for a horror adventure in which you deal with creepy animatronics.

You enter a haunted house in Five Nights at Freddy fans game. This place is full of animatronics at night and filled with darkness. You will find it hard to see your surroundings since there are no lights for you to use. The animatronics are lurking somewhere in the darkness waiting for a chance to kill you. When you move, you have to watch your surroundings and have your skills ready. You can use your strategies to outplay those animatronics and stop them from jumpscaring you. The main goal for you is to survive to escape this haunted house! Play Five Nights at Freddy fans online game for free now!

How to play:

Move your character using WASD and interact with objects using the mouse.

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