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FNAF World Online


FNaF World Online is a fan game that is playable online for free now! You can join it and enjoy a lot of crazy challenges. Similar to other FNaF games online, you will get a chance to meet a bunch of animatronics and have fun with them throughout your adventure. In this RPG game, you will have to create your party by adding a lot of animatronics that you prefer. Every single animatronic is already redesigned with a good appearance and equipped with a unique ability. You need to use their skills so that they can help you vanquish the enemies in the battles. You will fight against plenty of skilled and tough robotic enemies, so be wise and skillful to use your own animatronics to defeat them down. When you win, you will receive a lot of tokens. The game also gives you a chance to find out all mysteries and corners of this world. Try to conquer all challenges, unlock more characters and get a lot of fun!

How to play:

Use the mouse to make your party and control your characters in the game

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