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Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM )

Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM )

Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM ) free download is one of the scariest FNAF fan games based on Five Nights at Freddy’s series created by Scott Cawthon. The game is compatible with PC, so you can download it for free to your computer and launch a horror adventure. This is a chance for you to prove your surviving skills!

Ominous Mistake fan game is taken in a horror building ruled by animatronics. During the daytime, this place is so fun, but at night, it becomes a scary place. The animatronics move at night, and they may do something to damage the building. Therefore, you are hired and tasked with watching the building during the night. You need to make sure everything is safe! At the same time, you must defend yourself from animatronics. Make use of your cameras to track their movements, close the doors in time, and use the lights wisely to outplay them all. You will win if you finish all nights. Download Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM ) for free and play it to experience this horror adventure! Have fun!

Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM )

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