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Springtrap’s Rampage


Springtrap’s Rampage is an FNAF game that is free to play on FNAF-World! The game revolves around Springtrap – a miserable animatronic from Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 by Scott Cawthon. He is ready for a battle against enemies after he has got tired of being trapped in the game store. Now, he wants to become a rebellious animatronic rather than being an obedient one.

Springtrap’s Rampage unblocked is also one of the best killing games for you to master. You will help Springtrap get out of the life of Show-Biz. He is provided with some weapons that must be used to deal damage to all enemies standing in his way. On the way, he comes across Phantom Freddy in the Phantom flesh with other friends. These friends decided to give him a hand. Together with them, Springtrap will have more strength to defeat all enemies. Make sure you pick up more weapons on the ground, like a pistol, a revolver, magnum, automatic rifle, etc. Can you beat all the stages of the game? Have fun with Springtrap’s Rampage free online!

How to play:

Move your character using WASD. Jump with the spacebar, attack enemies using the mouse, interact with others using E, and throw the ax using T.

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