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Super FNaF RPG

Super FNaF RPG
You will have a lot of happy and crazy moments in an amazing fan-made game called Super FNaF RPG! This fan creation is downloadable and if offers two versions to you. The new release is known as the new type of Super FNaF RPG. You should make an effort to vanquish all challenges, achieve Ending 2 and get into the World 16. There are so many animatronics that you will come across in the game, they are all from Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon. Also, you will come across a new character called Puppet Master. He is trying to damage the world and calling a lot of other members to form a clan. In addition, you are supposed to direct your Freddy and help him beat all dangers as well as unravel more secrets. Move around in deadly dungeons, fight off enemies and complete your journey.


Some features in Super FNaF RPG that you can explore:

  • Find and invite more friends to join your party. Be sure that those new ones have their own abilities and can be used for defeating enemies
  • Keep the skills of your clan upgraded over time by buying awesome attacks. Use your tokens to unlock and buy a lot of things in the shop, then give new items to your animatronics.
  • Unlock new story
  • Try to travel further and level up your characters


You will get all endings if you:

  • Finish the Easy Mode
  • Beat the Normal Mode
  • Complete the Secret Worlds


Click the links below to download Super FNaF RPG:

Super FNaF RPG

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Standard Version

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